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The Planetarium

Via - Anne Ritz

In the basement of Jewett, there is a hidden place where you can see the stars. In the main lobby, a staircase leads down to Fredonia’s own planetarium.

This is no regular classroom. The ceiling is a 22 foot permanent dome. There is also theater type seating and a projection system for shows. The planetarium has been a part of Jewett since building was completed in the 1960s.

Dr. Mike Jabot, science education professor, said that about nine years ago, the seating and a new projection system was put into the planetarium. The room can seat about 30 people at one time. Jabot explained that when the planetarium was first re-established, it was open for shows every Saturday. Different types of events are put on when schools make requests. It is still used for elementary and middle school groups that are interested and there have also been a few classes held there.

There have many different types of shows in the planetarium. “We have lots of different things we can do,” said Jabot. “The projector we have uses a cylinder system. We can show the biological cell, we’ve done using the Lewis and Clark expedition. They used the stars to navigate so we did a social studies piece in that.”  

Whether or not you’re a science lover, it’s fun to spot the hidden gems on campus.