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Senior: Nick Catanzaro

Nicholas Catanzaro recently graduated from Fredonia where he studied Molecular Genetics. After transferring to Fredonia, Nick became heavily involved in the science program and often refers to the labs in Jewett Hall as his “second home.”



“There’s a lot of microbiology in brewing.”

Nick encourages new students to get more involved early on at Fredonia. That’s Interesting advice coming from a scholarship recipient and Lanford Prize nominee who is obviously no stranger to campus life and activity at Fredonia.

Nick is the past president of the Biology Club. Recently, he led a trip to the Southern Tier Brewing Company where club members learned about the brewing process and the microbiology of beer. Experiences like this are what make learning science at Fredonia unique.

Nick will be taking all of his experiences and accolades with him to Virginia Tech University where he has received funding to pursue his Ph.D. in its Interdepartmental Microbiology Program.