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Senior to Senior: Josh Jansen

Josh Janson is a technical theatre and production design major. He came to Fredonia from a small town east of Rochester where he graduated in a class of less than 100 students. Josh tells high school seniors that the college decision “is not something you have to force” and that “it has to feel right.” He felt right away that Fredonia was a place where he could take his theater experience from high school to the next level, and that’s exactly what he did. He’s spent the past four years in the scene shop where he’s worked on small-scale sets and Walter Gloor Mainstage productions. By the way… he already has a job lined up.

Josh with a saw

“You have to take those opportunities when they come and not be afraid to do it,” says Josh, “Sometimes you just have to plunge in.” 

Josh Jansen certainly practices what he preaches, and will be taking his theater skills to the next level once again. Two days after graduation, Josh started his job as a full-time technical director the Winnipesauke Playhouse in Meredith, N.H.

*Josh on the set of the ‘Diary of Anne Frank’.