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Street Art

Via Nicholas Gunner - Students from the Guerilla, Graffiti and Street Art honors class installed this Pac-man inspired street art early this morning in Reed Library.

Sticky Post-it notes were used to depict Pac-man and one of his enemies, a ghost. Written on each note is a word or phrase describing something that either stresses students out (blue notes) or makes them feel happy (yellow notes). All notes were collected from students at the 2013 Student Research and Creativity Exposition.

"Good things eat the bad," said one student about the intended message of the piece. 

The stress destroying nature of this art fits in perfectly with this week’s “De-stress for Success" initiatives.

The students say the piece was inspired by “Invader”, an internationally known street artist whose works often resemble pixelated video game characters. They say they learned about the artist along with many others in class.

Leesa Rittlemann teaches Honors 224: Guerilla, Graffiti and Street Art. The class aims to offer an in-depth look at art made for exhibition or performance outside of the museum or gallery. The class increases student understanding of contemporary art beyond traditional textbooks and institutions.

"2 other teams created a Moss Graffiti installation and Poetry Bomb respectively," Rittlemann said. "I thought the Post-It note team did a nice job developing a project that is visually bold due to the neon Post-It hues, visible to all… It also offered a fun opportunity for students to write down their stresses and triumphs in these last busy weeks of the term. The team’s choice of the Pac-man and Ghost symbols worked well with the content and is in keeping with the Post-It note movement in general.”

This piece serves as a reminder that in order to score high this semester, one must not run from their stress, but rather tackle it head on.